Program Goals

  • Collaborate with local organizations and agencies to fill gaps in our health care delivery system
  • Assist rural clinicians to improve efficiencies, expand access, and enhance quality of care through technology, research, and training
  • Expand the number of clinicians in the area, including primary care providers, specialty care providers, nurses, and technicians
  • Focus on children and senior health services, particularly prevention and health screening for early diagnosis and timely intervention as well as improved self-management of chronic and complex conditions

Financial Goals

  • Provide assistance to individuals (patients and clinicians) who meet the Foundation’s criteria for need
  • Provide assistance to organizations in support of their efforts to provide services to children, seniors, or clinicians
  • Support the Foundation’s own quality, research and training programs
  • Establish an endowment fund to augment funding of future mission-driven activities

Operational Goals

  • Maintain diversity in fundraising activities and methods to reach a wide range of donors through multiple funding sources
  • Utilize state-of-the-art technology to manage fundraising and grant-making activities
  • Launch community outreach programs to recruit volunteers willing to support the Foundation’s programs and initiatives