40% of all Josephine County residents qualify for assistance from the USDA's food stamp program.

Southern Oregon and Northern California are characterized as rural settings with an abundance of low-income families and seniors. In fact, seniors account for more than 20% of the total population, compared to 12% nationally. In addition, much of the area is designated by the state and federal government as a health care manpower shortage area, meaning there are too few primary care and specialty care providers to meet the needs of the community.

Due to the low incomes, healthcare providers are faced with caring for many patients who are either uninsured or don’t have the resources to pay their share of the cost. The end result is that patients do not receive the care they need in a timely manner and providers are not reimbursed fully for the care they deliver. This leads to problems in attracting and retaining high-quality medical professionals.

Given this challenging environment, Mid Rogue Foundation provides support by directly subsidizing preventive care, collaborating with providers to improve the effectiveness of healthcare services and implementing technological solutions that increase efficiency.


Our mission

We serve rural communities by working to improve access, affordability and the quality of health services through innovation, technology and collaboration.

The Foundation accomplishes this through collaboration with individuals and organizations serving our target communities of children, seniors and clinicians.


Mid Rogue Foundation collaborates with school health professionals, public health agencies and other community service organizations that serve low-income children and their families. Our goal is to help ensure that children have access to needed health services by enrolling them in available plans.

Senior citizens

Mid Rogue Foundation collaborates with local senior organizations to help ensure this population has access to preventive health screening services, disease management programs and good care coordination. Our goal is to help seniors aged 50 and over have access to high quality and affordable health services, including early intervention, screening, and promoting the self-management of chronic and complex diseases.

Healthcare Providers

Mid Rogue Foundation collaborates with local medical clinics and associations to improve professional recruitment and retention. The Foundation also champions the implementation of new medical information technologies specifically by:

  • Giving grants to fund the installation of electronic medical record systems
  • Establishing distance health education programs to expand medical professional resources in rural areas
  • Offering grant-writing assistance to rural clinicians so they can access external funding for technology
  • Creating Health Information Exchanges to reduce redundancies and to lower overall healthcare expenses